“a singer of uncommon charm and perfect diction”

“den wunderbar klaren Sopran”


Ellen Delahanty


My living room is pretty small. Can it accomodate a house concert? As a rule of thumb, we suggest the following setup: if you can reserve a space of say 2m50 by 2m for putting a harpsichord for the duo combination with voice and harpsichord, the 'stage' area is taken care of. For a solo recorder concert, 1m50 by 1m50 will do in a pinch. Furthermore, it is a good idea to try and create an audience placement in three levels, without having to move your furniture out of the room. One can do this by putting the couches (which are the lowest seating level) in front; behind this any number of chairs (you can ask invitees to bring their own chairs). These will act as the second level; in the back of the room you can put your dining table on which people might sit (maybe on some small cushions), ensuring a clear view of the 'stage'.
How much does it cost to pay the artists? The agreement we work with is very democratic: we ask 10 EUR per person in the audience, with the host guaranteeing a minimum of 200 EUR. This accounts for an audience of 20 people. If 20 or more people can fit in the room, the 10 EUR per person fee goes completely to the artists, and the host doesn't cough up any money at all! We do ask to get permission to sell our CD's at the end of every concert, in order to increase our payment. Also, we ask for a simple meal from our hosts before the concert.
I own a business, and would like to host a house concert for my business clients. Does the same principle apply here? No. The low budget fees are strictly applicable for private persons not affiliated with any business, and organising strictly for friends and family. Otherwise, our normal concert fees will apply. Concert organisers, organising a concert open to the public also cannot use the house concerts formula. Thank you for being considerate in this matter.
I would like to offer people a drink after the concert. What is the best way to do this? There are two different options we suggest. Or you offer some drinks after the concert paid by you completely, or you put a clearly labeled box somewhere in view for a contribution towards the drinks. You can even put a suggested donation per drink on the label. In that way there is no financial strain on the host.
How do I invite people and make sure they show up? The best way to make sure you have a full house and keep cancellations to a strict minimum is to ask people to pay at the same time that they confirm their reservation. If you explain that this is important because you need to know how many seats will be filled, people will surely understand. We can provide you with sample invitations if you like, for which you will only have to fill in the addresses. If you work with written invitations, it is a good idea to start with double or even triple the amount of invitations over the available seating space. Inviting people by speaking to them in person works best.
I live outside of Belgium. Are we elligable for this formula? Sure, but we do ask to plan it in a period that we will be concertizing in your area, in order to keep travel costs down. If you are able to convince some friends in your area to also organise a similar house concert in the same period, chances increase considerably.
Which concert programs do you offer for house concerts? At this moment, we can offer duo concerts with Ellen Delahanty, voice and Geert Van Gele harpsichord/recorder. The actual program can differ from time to time. Please take up contact for details.

For further information and availability, please contact us at +32(0)3 236 66 32 or info(at)ellendelahanty.com



We can give a house concert in your home for family and friends. It's surprisingly affordable, and manageable, even in small homes. Are you concerned about our fees being too high, or about your living space being too small? We need very little of both. Read the FAQ ...