"truly a benchmark of what the recorder can be"

Solo Programs


Bach: Cello Suites I-III (also available on CD!)

Guy Penson In a program that has proved very popular with audiences, each of the first three of Bach’s six cello suites is fit to the type of recorder that brings out the suite’s special qualities. The deep-sounding bass recorder embodies the melancholy drama of Suite no. 2, while the lively sound of the alto recorder sparkles with the youthful enthusiasm of Suite no. 3. The mild timbre of the "voice flute" (a tenor recorder in D) perfectly fits the calm maturity of Suite no. 1.


Bach: Solo Pieces (soon available on CD)

Sequel to the Cello Suites is a program featuring solo repertoire originally for violin, traverso or organ by J.S. Bach. This tour-de-force program also includes a solo sonata from his son, Carl Phillip Emmanuel Bach.


Family Feud

Bill TaylorIn this intriguing program, the alto recorder challenges its relation, the bass recorder, to a friendly contest. The game rules stipulate that each instrument must present itself in three different styles: a Bach cello suite, a contemporary composition and a jazzy piece. The audience is invited to be the judge...

A hit during the solo tour of the U.S. in 2002, this program also delighted audiences during the Festival of Flanders’ Blokfluitdagen ("Recorder Days"). It features compositions by J.S.. Bach, Frans Geysen, Daan Manneke and Pete Rose.


Dutch Contemporary Music for Recorder solo

Bill TaylorCompositions by Guus Janssen, Willem Wander van Nieuwkerk and Daan Manneke are presented in this program. These composers have created a dialectic which captivates a broad audience, using repitetive structures and motifs that intrigue the ear along with elements from pop, jazz, and world music. This is music that has a lot to tell -- If you think you don’t like contemporary music, come prepared for an exciting surprise!