The Nightingale program



Dear Sir or Madam,

For 20 years we have organized concerts of classical and early music in the castle, Domein de Renesse, in Oostmalle, Belgium.

We have a dedicated yet critical audience.

Thanks to both the beautiful setting and the high caliber of the musicians we present, we have built an excellent reputation as a concert organizer in the greater Antwerp area.

We have had the pleasure of inviting Geert Van Gele on many occasions and in many different ensemble combinations. To begin with, he has a mastery of the recorder unlike any other. In his hands the instrument has a character of its own.. His performances communicate with a perfect musical syntax and an impressive interpretive grammar. Together with his ensemble, Sospiri Ardenti, he brings various early-music styles to life.

The ensemble has a rich musical palette, but more than that, a program presented by Sospiri Ardenti is always homogenous in structure, and shows a thought-out approach to the musical material and historical context.

Their last production, approximately one year ago, was a short opera that charmed children and adults alike. The well-known tale of the Chinese Nightingale was provided with a new libretto and presented with music by Georg Philipp Telemann.

As organizer, we were proud to be able to present the premiere of this opera. The ultimate test was in inviting 40 children from 8- to 12-years old.

During the performance, the public remained as still as a mouse. The story and music had a direct grip on the hearts of the children; some of whom were clearly moved emotionally.

Scenically and musically, this production is a highpoint in the repertoire of the ensemble. Costumes, scenery, stage direction and music come together as a perfect whole.

It is also a unique work, combining drama, music and theater in exciting fashion, and so creating a performance that can be enjoyed equally by children and adults. Beautiful to hear, but also certainly to see and to experience.

Frank Schaffels
Programming Director
Castle Concerts

p/a Lierselei 33
2390 Malle