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In 2009, Kattenberg Recordings started as a non-profit record label, founded by recorder player Geert Van Gele. He conceived Kattenberg Recordings as a vehicle for all of his diverse musical activities, ranging from the ensemble for medieval music, Quadrivium and baroque ensemble Sospiri Ardenti, to his many solo and duo projects, both in the field of early music and contemporary classical. With a great passion for sounds, his interest in recording techniques resulted over the years in building his own recording studio. What started off as a way to record the solo recorder, things 'evolved' somewhat, like for the 'Retrospective' CD of Flemish composer Janpieter Biesemans, where some of Belgians finest soloists as well as a professional string orchestra were recorded. Kattenberg recordings is planning to keep expanding its catalog on a regular base. New releases both on CD and on Itunes are planned in the near future. Stay tuned!

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Flemings in Spain, Quadrivium

Musical Passages: Flemings in Spain is the second CD of Quadrivium. The CD sheds light on the musical connection between Flanders and Spain anno 1500 and continues this connection with a contemporary composition by Janpieter Biesemans who composed especially for this program. For this recording, Quadrivium asked tenor Jan Van Elsacker and viol player Maaike Boekholt for their collaboration. read more


Bach, Goldberg Variations

Ludmilla Tschakalova and Geert Van Gele transcribed Bach's beloved Goldberg Variations for the different types of the recorder family together with harpsichord. Further arrangements from Bach's violin repertoire complete the CD. read more

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Next to these, an extensive library of live recordings is available on our youtube channel: www.youtube.com/geertvangele. You will find concert recordings of each of our ensembles, arranged in different playlists. Check them out and subscribe!





















































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Some excerpts as they appear on CD KA008: J.S. Bach Goldberg Variations. Since most of the tracks were recorded in one take, it was possible to run the cameras simultaneously in Kattenberg studio. Check out other video's on www.youtube.com/geertvangele.




February 2019: Geert Van Gele released his book "Thoughts on the Recorder".

  • An absolute must voor everyone with a heart for the recorder.

--Bart Spanhove, Flanders Recorder Quartet

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book: Thoughts on the recorder

"A personal reflection on my life with the recorder: what I have learned, how I teach it, and my overall approach to music" (read more).

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Thoughts on the Recorder

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"An absolute must" -- Bart Spanhove

"Recommended reading for every musician...Delightful!" -- Luc Ponet