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Thoughts on the Recorder


Thoughts on the Recorder"A personal reflection on my life with the recorder: what I have learned, how I teach it, and my overall approach to music."

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"An absolute must" -- Bart Spanhove

"Recommended reading for every musician...Delightful!" -- Luc Ponet


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The book is divided into 4 chapters, with extensive links to 36 free online videos, posted on my youtube channel www.youtube.com/geertvangele.


The first chapter is a description of how to buy a recorder and how to care for it. The second chapter offers a method for how to play the recorder at both beginner and advanced levels. The third chapter aspires to be a guide on how to interpret the complete recorder repertoire, organized by musical style. I tried to concretize this in such a way that it presents hands-on information for everyone who wants to differentiate the styles—a kind of dummies’ guide to the recorder repertoire, if you will... The fourth chapter is a collection on thoughts on different aspects of playing the recorder, performing, teaching and recording it. This chapter has no linked videos, and is only available in the book/ebook. Check out the Table of Contents.

Rather than piling up dry information, I have tried to provide a good read by interweaving deeply personal thoughts and beliefs on music with some real stories taken from my life on stage and in the classroom. These thoughts and beliefs may differ at times from what is commonly accepted. What can I say? I am a rebel at heart!

I have tried to accommodate different types of readers by differentiating the appearance of the text. In this way, I hope that everyone can easily find what is applicable to them. With the aid of visual keys and links, the reader can easily skip from one conservatory level section to the next, or from one personal story to the next.

Every item in each chapter is extensively linked to specific places in youtube videos which are especially created for this book. These 36 videos illustrate the subject at hand and are all freely viewable in this youtube playlist on my channel. Each video functions as a "lite" version of each segment of the book, and together they make for a complete standalone and free ecourse with a total playing time of 7,5 hours. The fourth chapter has no linked videos however. Check out the video playlist for more details.

Throughout my career as a soloist, ensemble player, and teacher of aspiring and pre-professional students, I reflected a lot on the recorder; on both its technical and its musical side. As a result, my approach towards recorder playing (and recorder teaching) has evolved into a personal style that includes some rather unconventional views on the subject. Maybe you will find these views refreshing, and who knows, even helpful?

What can you expect to find here? Many things. For example, some widely accepted techniques for playing and caring for the recorder—but with a personal twist. Also, an in-depth report on what I consider my shticks, issues like sound production, the choice of instruments, and the interpretation of different musical styles. You will find, too, a technique to help you play musically that I find particularly useful in my daily practice.


--Bart Spanhove, Flanders Recorder Quartet

--Saskia Coolen, recorder soloist and member of Camerata Trajectina

-- Luc Ponet, Arts Education Inspector for the Flemish Community


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