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Thoughts on the Recorder"A personal reflection on my life with the recorder: what I have learned, how I teach it, and my overall approach to music."

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Welcome to the website of Geert Van Gele, recorder artist.

Geert Van Gele has been a recorder artist for about four decades. As a beginning soloist, he explored the solo recorder repertoire accompanied by his father. During his conservatory years, he co-founded the world-famous Flanders' Recorder Quartet with which he concertized and recorded for ten years. Since 1995 he pursues a solo-career, co-founding new and exciting ensembles like Sospiri Ardenti (staged baroque music: www.sospiri.com) and Quadrivium (medieval repertoire: www.quadrivium.net). In 2009 he started up his own record label Kattenberg Recordings (www.kattenberg.net).