“a singer of uncommon charm and perfect diction”

“den wunderbar klaren Sopran”


Ellen Delahanty


Sweeter than Roses

Henry Purcell (1659-1695) was one of the greatest English composers of all time. His songs are striking in their unique use of rhythm to emphasize the text, giving the music great expressive power and a subtle virtuosity.


Siglo de Oro

The newly acquired richness from overseas in17th century Spain translated into a wonderful outpour of cultural splendour. Spanish composers at the court of the successive kings benefited hereof, and gave wonderful vocal repertoire in return. Works of Hidalgo, El Maestro Capitán (Mateo Romero) and Juan Arañés.


Isola d'Amore

This program takes the audience to a musical island of love. We visit love there in its many facets: its sweetness, its exhaltation, its suffering, its cruelty. Works by Frescobaldi, Monteverdi, Marcello, d’India and Vivald.






Sacred music from Monteverdi untill Mozart. A varied program with compositions spanning several centuries.



Repertoire for voice and harpsichord from the greatest composer of all times, combined with instrumental music transcribed for recorder.


Baroque to Broadway

The many faces of Love: Ellen showcases the theatrical qualities of both Baroque and Broadway songs, bringing together a rare and unexpected crossover program featuring all-time favorite Broadway composers with Baroque masters.


Broadway Rose

a Broadway program featuring pianist Peter Oerlemans and Geert Van Gele on bass guitar and recorder. The recorder adds a special touch to this program by adding jazzy repertoire for recorder solo by American composer Pete Rose.